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About Us

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- Wakanyi Hoffman, Author -

I am a writer, storyteller and keeper of African folktales. When I was a little girl growing up in Kenya, school holidays meant a trip to the countryside, where grandmothers awaited the little city kids, to share stories that used to be passed down while basking under a tree, or digging for arrowroots on hilly landscapes, or (my absolute favourite bit), while sitting around an open fire waiting for supper.


I am now a global nomad mama, raising four kids around the world (7 countries so far!) and currently based in The Netherlands. This means in our flat, adopted home, there are no hilly countrysides with grandmothers waiting to tell my children stories. Instead, I retell these tales while sitting under the staircase, or on a couch, or at an airport lounge, a train station, inside a bus, or a car.


Whenever the winter holidays come around, we read lots of books about Christmas from around the world. The Twelve Days of Christmas Safari emerged out of these unconventional storytelling sessions with my kids, which I then decided to turn into a picture book as a gift to all the rest of the world's little citizens.  I hope that it sparks the adventure spirit in your hearts,  and inspires you to visit Kenya to spend a magical Christmas holiday in the African bush.  xoxo

- Milena Weichelt, Illustrator -
Milena bush 1.jpg

I have been painting nature-inspired art since I can remember. Growing up in Kenya, my favourite thing to do was going on a game-drive with my family. The bush was a lot more wild back then, and I loved collecting lots of creatures along the way, transporting them around in my dad's landrover, which I named the "bush safari taxi".  


Whenever an idea of a painting pops up, one of those creatures is bound to make their way onto a canvas. One day, I'll paint them all! For now, enjoy the bigger creatures in The Twelve Days of Christmas Safari, and then come visit me in Kenya, where I still live with my husband and son. xxx

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