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About the 12 Days of Christmas Safari

Once upon a time...


As the story goes, back in France there was once a handsome prince. He wanted to impress his lovely lady with wonderful gifts during the 12 days of Christmas. He brought her things such as a partridge in a pear tree, and FIVE GOLDEN RINGS! Ah, we couldn't compete with that, or could we?

We stepped up to the challenge and recreated this classic holiday tale, inviting everyone, young and old, to embark on a magical Christmas safari for the chance to snag a priceless gift. Make that 12 gifts! It's a feast to the eye, as all across the savanna, a superb starling balances gracefully atop a fever tree, or up ahead, on the dusty, winding, endless road, FIVE LION CUBS sprint playfully alongside their protective mama.


These images are captured in striking brush strokes, beautifully illustrating Christmas in Africa.

This timeless African children's book is a collaboration between Wakanyi (African storyteller) and Milena (African wildlife artist), two bush girls from Kenya who spent their childhood barefoot, rolling dung beetles on footpaths to school. There were no handsome princes arriving at Christmas bearing expensive gifts, but the sweeping views of animals grazing in the wild were always guaranteed throughout the year. During Christmas, a bush game-drive under sunny, blue skies, is a favourite Christmas tradition that these two eco-warrior moms have continued to pass down to their children. 

On its own, this is an adventure story about the African wilderness and what's still left to offer visitors. We encourage readers to consider how this ecosystem balances our shared planet, and urge everyone to support sustainable conservation efforts that will ensure the continued survival of these majestic animals, such as the famed Big Five.  We believe that nature is the only gift that keeps on giving, year after year.

Come along, let's pass it on....


Camera, Binoculars, Safari boots, go!


Merry Merry Christmas to you both. This is a fantastic version of a holiday classic! It gives a very zen, African feeling of a safari Christmas holiday.  

I love it.  This will be our new Christmas tradition.  Thanks Milena and Wakanyi for sharing your love for our country in a fun, and fresh way. 

Just what I needed for our safari guests this year.  They are going to love having this book as a gift!

This is so beautiful, and fun, and a word that I don't know where it comes from is: crisp! As in like new bed linen, fresh and fragrant and totally satisfying!!!


Mary, Canada

Steve, Kenya

Safari Guide in Tanzania

Tanya, Dubai

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